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Radio Commercial Production

Posted On: August 02, 2016

So you’re a business owner advertising on a couple of radio stations.  You’re using the same script…and in an attempt to save some money, you had each station produce their own version of your commercial, probably because they offered a produced commercial as part of your contract.  However, the voice-over and production of the commercials sound nothing alike; and, as such, you’re not seeing the return you were hoping for.  Not good for creating familiarity. What do you do?  For your next radio campaign, call…

At JustMyVoice Production, we can write, voice and produce your radio commercial, ready for air-play, and have it in your mailbox within 24 hours.  In fact, we'll produce...

When you contract with multiple radio stations to air a commercial it should be the SAME commercial, not a variation.  Doing so creates familiarity. Listen to those big-corporate commercials; no matter what station you’re listening you’re hearing the same commercial.  Familiarity is important when you can associate 1 thing to a product or service from many sources. 

To increase your exposure, you could create a video by adding pictures and/or video clips to your radio spot and post it on your YouTube channel with links to your website and Facebook page.

After it's all done and over with, what you're left with is: 

by Rich Brennan