Blog October 2013

Brrrr...getting that chill.

Posted On: October 01, 2013

Fall.  A picturesque time here in the northeast; the leaves will be changing, the temperatures are falling and that means it's time for the cold and flu season.  Being in the voiceover business- this is my most nervous time of the year because, when I get a cold, the first thing that gets affected is my voice:  Sore throat, hoarseness, coughing, etc... I'm pretty sure you don't want your audio production sounding like theres a frog crawling around in my throat, do you?  I didn't think

Home studios are booming right now and the ability to write, voice, produce and deliver broadcast quality material without leaving the house is a beautiful thing.  However, at some point you'll have to go out and make contact with the world and that's where the risk of catching a cold comes in; and that's NOT a beautiful thing.  lol

I’ve already stocked up on ‘Airborne’ (they give your system a shot of vitamin C); so, the minute I feel that 'itch' in the back of my throat or hear a scratch in my voice, I’m prepared.  Every 8 hours I'll disolve a tablet in about 8 oz of water and down it; I also load up on lozenges and drink hot beverages.  Washing my hands more than usual is a plus, too.

Because, 'After it's all done and over with, what you're left with is:  JustMyVoice'

by Rich Brennan