Blog September 2013

Voiceover? Cool, what's that?

Posted On: September 01, 2013

When talking to people about what they do for a living, I've found that folks (often) have no clue as to what 'voiceovers' are.    lol...It happens all the time.  I mean, really, it's not one of those mainstream jobs that everyone aspires to:

"I'm a doctor"; "a fireman"; "in law enforcement"; "finance"...etc.

"What do you do? "

"I do voiceovers." 

"Voiceovers?  Cool...uhhh what's that?"  lol

That's usually about the same time when I"m asked..."Where are you from?" lol

Voiceover; voice over; or, voice acting is the phrase associated with hearing someone speak and not being able to see who's doing the speaking.  Whether it's live or recorded (notice I didn't use 'pre'? lol).  I point out radio and TV commercials; documentaries; animations; on-hold messages and any other recorded material where you don't actually see the person speaking:  That's voiceover.

Then...I usually get:  " I can hear it, just by the way you're talking."

by Rich Brennan