Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (click on the question for the response). 



Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question; if you don't find the answer to your question contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

1- Can you audition and how much will it cost?

-  There’s never any charge for an audition; unless, of course, you’re feeling generous.  If we don’t audition, how will you know what your project will sound like? We will produce a demo copy of your script; a demo meaning...that we'll change the company name or phone number or add a subtle tone into the recording, then submit it for your approval.  Once it's approved you'll get a clean, broadcast quality, recording ready for use.

2- I need help writing my project; can you help and what if I want to add music or sound effects?

- Yes, we can offer copy writing services; as well as full audio production. We have an ever growing library of royalty free music and sound effects.

3- What are your rates?

- That’s the $261,000 question. There's an endless list of categories and rates; we try to be competitive. It's suggested that you send us your script with your budget, how the audio will be used and we’ll work from there. We promise not to clean out your checking account (you do have one, right?)

4- Can I listen in while you record (offer direction)?

- Yes you can. We have a phone patch where you can listen to the session; and it will have no effect on the recording.

5- What if there’s a mispronunciation; or, if I want to make a change to the script?

- There’s no charge for words that we say differently than you do; however, we try to minimize that by asking for pronunciations prior to recording.  Changes to the script: ordinarily, small changes we’ll work with; however, if the change is significant then there will be an additional charge.

6- Do you have your own studio?

- Sure do; and we keep it updated, too. We're located east of New York City and have no problem going to a studio (in the tri-state area) that you prefer to work with.  We also have the ability to record remotely, via Source Connect Now and ipDTL.

7- How will my project be delivered?

- Here's the beauty of digital media: You’ll get a finished, ready for air recording; or, (if you prefer) the raw (unedited) recording. Your MP3, WAV or AIFF file will be sent either by email, uploaded to an FTP site, Hightail (formerly, Dropbox; or by snail mail on a CD or DVD.

8- How soon can my project be finished?

- We'll try to get your project(s) completed as soon as we get them (depending on the size of the project). Of course, in the perfect world we'd like to get them to you yesterday. The best case scenario - 1 hour; the worst - 24 hours. Larger projects, like long form narrations or audio books, could take weeks.

9- Can I choose from other voices to be used for my project?

- Oh yeah....We have access to many great voice-over talents (male and female). It'll typically mean a longer turnaround time but we'll try to keep it at a minimum.  If your project requires more than 1 voice, an additional fee will be added per voice.

10- How do I pay you?

- Payments are accepted in United States Dollars (USD); via Paypal, check or money order (from an acredited U.S. bank). We can accept a wire transfer, but there will be a bank charge added.