On-Hold Messages

  90% of callers placed on-hold, listening to SILENCE, hang up within 40 seconds; and 30% never call back.

When your company phone rings that caller becomes a prospect.  That brief time, spent on hold, can be an extremely powerful marketing tool; and the difference between gaining a client and losing a client.  Our approach to on-hold messages is simple:  Combine a captive audience with skillfully crafted ads, the right audio image and real marketing objectives and you'll hit a home run every time!

Your business personality and its brand can be reflected using the right music and voice delivery. JustMyVoice Production will help you choose the perfect on-hold music, match it with the ideal voice delivery and bingo...your “Audio Brand” is being heard.


When was the last time you were placed on-hold and felt like this guy because you had to listen to:
   -Cheesy elevator music (that was probably to loud) or,
   -A message recorded (probably by an employee) and added to, over and over again at various levels?

How comfortable did it leave you feeling about doing business with this company?

 Voice Prompt

When JustMyVoice Production records your on-hold message you'll have peace of mind knowing it will be recorded and delivered in the quickest time frame possible; with information that's current, informative (and maybe a little entertaining) about your business.                     

Submit your script, or draft, along with your project details and a description of how the voice should sound (be it conversational, informative, commanding...etc) and we'll send a demo for approval.

Contact us so we can get started.

When your company phone rings, that caller becomes a prospect. The brief time spent on hold, can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. - See more at: http://ilaudio.com/message-on-hold/#.VIyNuHtq3kY