Voice Narration

voice narrationIf you’re seeking a voice narration for your next project, there's no need to look any further than JustMyVoice Production. We’ll provide you with a voice-over that accurately reads your message in a friendly tone. Alternatively, you could request a recording that tells an exciting story; whatever type of voice  narration you’re looking for, we’ll be able to meet all of your needs. Rich Brennan is a talented male voice actor with experience in audio books, E-Learning and corporate, among others.

The very first question we’ll ask is, “What type of voice narration are you looking for?” Before JustMyVoice Production can begin a new project, we need to know how the narration will be used and how you'd like it read. Narration encompasses not only who tells the story, but also how the story is told.  Although the word “narration” is a very generic term that contains many sub-categories, the definition itself varies depending on who you are speaking with. In fact, a “voice narration” refers to any type of voice recording, excluding commercials, public service announcements, radio imaging, and trailers.  There are also subcategories within the narration category. 

JustMyVoice Production can produce a number of quality voice narrations for many different industries; while delivering the information you're intending. 

Our voice narration services include:

-  Audio books (Fiction, Non-Fiction)

-  E-learning

-  Industiral

-  How-To

-  Corporate 

-  Medical

-  Legal 


We understand the importance of voice narration services has risen in recent years. That’s because of the availability of cable channels and the popularity of the internet. 

When you choose JustMyVoice Production for your next voice narration, we can provide the final product in several different formats (WAV, MP3, and AIFF). In addition, we can deliver your file by using sites such as FTP transfer,, Dropbox and Depending on file size, we may be able to email your finished narration. 

Now that you have all that, the only thing you need to do is call: 516-702-6507 (or email- The quicker we can get started the sooner you'll have your narration ready to use.