Podcast Intro/Outro

You know what would give your podcast that pizzazz?  A produced intro/outro; or, perhaps a fresh new approach to your current intro/outro.

Podcasts have become one of the fastest growing forms of media.  This past year alone saw almost 1 million (yeah…MILLION) active podcasts online; and more than half of American consumers (over the age of 12) have listened to at least one podcast. It doesn’t matter if the podcast was business related, covered current events or made you laugh, more people are listening than ever before.    

First Impression, make it last

Building an audience is no easy task, that’s why it’s important to make those first few moments, of your podcast, stand out to give your audience a reason to continue listening- let their friends and family know about your podcast; and it begins with an introduction (or…’Intro’).  Although podcasts vary in length, the intro rarely lasts a minute.  It informs your audience of what your show is about and introduces you to the host and maybe include their credentials.  

The End...or, is it?

Your closing (or...’Outro’) is just as important as your intro; some would say it’s more important, because it’s a chance to thank your listener and provide information about you; when to listen next, how to subscribe and how to make contact with you, maybe even direct them to your website. 

The voice for your intro/outro could project a reassuring calm, the guy next door-type; or, a more energetic, authoritative approach to your episodes and whether you want royalty free music and/or sound effects added to your intros/outros, they'll create a familiarity with your brand.  

Podcasting is big business these days and can be a powerful tool for reaching your audience and building your brand; a brand that JustMyVoice Production would happy to be associated with.

To get started with a quote Contact us with your podcast info; or you can call:  516-702-6507 and leave a message.  We'd be happy to produce a custom demo.