Voice-over Services

JustMyVoice Production provides broadcast quality voice-overs for your marketing, educational, broadcast and advertising needs; depending on project size you can expect to receive your audio, in most cases, within 24 hours. 

Rich Brennan, is a male voice actor originally from the New York City area; now living in Las Vegas and has a great deal of experience in voice-over services including announcements, commercials, narrations, e learning programs, podcast intro/outro and much more.

voice over servicesPopular applications for voice-overs include non-broadcast/broadcast, educational, industrial and informative purposes. When you choose JustMyVoice Production, your message will sound its absolute best. We have the skills to provide the proper narration for any of our voice services. We understand the nuances of advertising for many industries, which is why we take a unique approach with each client. 

In addition, JustMyVoice Production can help write the script. The script is what establishes the mood and tone for the voice over, as well as the exact message you’d like to convey. We’ll work with you on what information should be included, so we can properly advertise your product. Even if you just send a few bullet points, we’ll write a script just for you.

JustMyVoice Production offers extraordinary work at reasonable prices. Best of all, we deliver all of our audio productions as soon as possible. Listen or yourself by browsing the website and listening to the demos.

When you need a professional voice-over service, call 516-702-6507