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You're here because you're looking for a voice-over and/or an audio production. 

This page represents our ability to give you a broadcast quality audio production; it's the most important page of the site.  

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Have a listen to the demos (below) then contact us so we can get to work on your audio project.

Rich Brennan- Male Voice Actor

Right-click and 'Save Link As' to download the Commercial demo.

Commercial Demo 1:35

This link is a compilation of radio commercials and audio for TV commercials.  You could also find In-store announcements, audio production, commercial audio, radio commercial production and voice-over or voice recordings. 

Right-click and 'Save Link As' to download the E-Learning demo.

E-Learning demo 1:29

Compilation of e-learning recordings. E-Learning is a sub-category of narrations and is, basically, voice recordings of material that is used for education purposes.

Right-click and 'Save Link As' to download the Automotive demo.

Automotive Demo 1:19

A compilation of various commercial type productions for the automotive industry.  Radio production, audio for TV commercials and voice production. View details of our voice narration service

Right-click and 'Save Link As' to download the Promo demo.

Promo Demo 1:12

Promos carry their own category but have many sub-categories, as well.  Audio presentations, imaging (radio/tv) in-store announcements, in-store marketing, kiosk audio, movie trailers, radio/television promos etc.

Right-click and 'Save Link As' to download the Narration demo.

Narrations Demo 2:20

Narrations also cover an array of sub-categories:  Audio books, training, presentations, educational material, e-learning, industrial, instructional, medical narration, real estate tours, sales presentations, tours, and tutorials. For male voice-over talent contact us

Right-click and 'Save Link As' to download the On-hold demo.

On Hold Demo :38

This link is geared towards on-hold messages or message on-hold; voicemail's.  It could also fall under the category of telephone marketing and Phone prompts.

Published on Jul 16, 2017

This is a short video of Tiki Action Park's TV commercial.
Long Island's Best Miniature Golf, Go-Karts, Arcade, and Amusement Park.


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