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JustMyVoice Production offers high quality voice narration services. 

Looking for a truly professional sounding voiceover and voice narration service for your project? A clear and friendly voice for your announcement or message? A versatile storyteller? Look no further! JustMyVoice Production has everything you need to get the job done. Here you'll find an experienced audiobook narrator and male voiceover talent, for more info call 516-454-0859. 

When you contact JustMyVoice Production regarding a voice narration, the first question we'll have is:

What kind of voice narration do you need?

The term 'Narration' carries its own generic definition and varies greatly within the voiceover industry.  Generally, a voice narration includes just about any recorded voice communication other than commercials, promos, trailers, public service announcements, and radio imaging (those blurbs you hear between songs).

A voice narration for a telephone message is not the same as narrating a nature documentary; which is why 'Telephony' has it's own category.

JustMyVoice Production is experienced with various avenues of voice narration:

  • Corporate (online training, podcasts, sales presentations, orientation videos etc)
  • Programming (documentaries, news stories, scientific and medical shows, educational films, fundraising)
  • Medical education (of caregivers and patients)
  • Legal procedures/education
  • Museum tours
  • Audiobooks...etc.

With the multitude of cable channels today and the internet, JustMyVoice Production is eager to get to work on your voice narration project.

Your voice narration can be in WAV, MP3 or AIFF format and delivered via FTP transfer, Hightail.com (formerly YouSendit.com), WeTransfer.com or any other means you have available.  Emailing a voice narration could be done but on a case-by-case basis; as most email servers don't allow attachments larger than 8mb to be sent.

Contact us with your voice narration project and lets get to work.