JustMyVoice Production is a full service audio production company, specializing in voice-overs.  Rich Brennan is a male voice actor for marketing, educational, podcast intro/outro and audio production.  Depending on project size, your audio production can be delivered within 24 hours; often, within the workday.

                                                                                 For professional voice-over service, call 516-702-6507

Professional Voice-Over | Male Voice Actor | Radio Commercial Production

Voice-over services are used everywhere; for broadcast and non-broadcast purposes and can entertain, inform, educate, demonstrate and even tell you that 'the person your calling is not available...' - but that's just a small piece of what the voice-over world is all about.  The question is:  Which voice can make your message sound the best?  That's where JustMyVoice Production comes in.

Every voice-over is a story and our mission is to tell that story; make it believable.  Rich brings quite a bit of knowledge and experience to an array of topics:

  • Retired Railroader
  • Former New York State Emergency Medical Technician
  • Retired volunteer firefighter (30+ yrs)
  • An electrician by trade and has a working knowledge of other construction trades.
  • An avid bowler

Have a look around, listen to the Demos and read the testimonials from our satisfied clients; then contact us so we can get to work on your audio production or voice-over.  

Interested in getting started in voice-overs?  Read our blogs:  'Getting Started In Voice-overs'; maybe there's some info that you can benefit from.

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Script Writing 

Script writing service

When it comes to recording a voice-over the written word is key; without it, there'd be nothing to say.  The script sets the tone on how the recording is to be done.  When writing for a commercial, for example, there are pieces of information that should be included and knowing how many words make up a :30/:60 commercial is also important.

Not sure how to write a script?  No problem; jot down your ideas and email to


male voice talent

With your script in hand, how do you want it to sound? The script will give direction as to what tone the voice actor should deliver.  You don't want a monster truck show delivery for a florist, right?  Perhaps your script calls for a conversational or compassionate tone; maybe you'd like hear a voice that's authoritative, informative, commanding; or, are you looking to hear the excitement of a rock concert? For a male voice actor contact us.

Commercial Production

radio commercial production

Does your script require music and/or sound effects? At JustMyVoice Production we have an extensive library of royalty free music and sound effects that will make your voice recording sparkle.  Literally, thousands of digital music beds and tens-of-thousands of digital sound effects and production elements that your project could benefit from.