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Posted On: May 01, 2015

Here's a desktop snapshot of


Looks normal, right?  Have you ever checked out a website (from your mobile device) and had to scroll, pan and/or zoom-in to be able to read it (because the text or content ran off the screen)?  Websites were designed for desktop/laptop use; and since smartphones with integrated mobile browsers have become the usual way people are now viewing websites it was difficult to navigate since they were originally designed to fit a desktop screen without having to scroll and zoom in. 

FACT:  Two out of three people are now using a mobile device to access the internet.

That being said, it is more crucial than ever that a business has a site with a compatible viewing format across the board, no matter what size screen. on an iPad...  ...and on an iPhone.

They look similar, right?  You may have had issues with scrolling, panning and zooming in the past; however, the next time you access (with your mobile device) you'll have minimal issues with scrolling and zooming. is now a 'Responsive Web Designed' site.

A term coined in 2010, 'responsive web design' is a technique aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience, making it easier to read and navigate a website with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling. While desktops may display three columns on screen, a responsive website will allow a mobile device to reduce this to one column, while maintaining proportions for user-friendly viewing. 

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by Rich Brennan