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Practice scripts

Posted On: October 03, 2014

  I've been seeing alot posts lately about where one could find practice scripts and are there any legalities if you use them on your demo.  Practice scripts are national commercials that have aired at an earlier date; last month....a couple of months ago...even last year and beyond.  There's nothing preventing you (ethically or legally) from recording them and using them on your demo, lots of folks do. I'm not aware of any legalities that would prevent you from recording any and using them on your demo; in fact, I think the only legality you'd come across is if you tried to sell a spot by claiming that you wrote it which wouldn't get you very far since all the practice scripts are from the big corporate folks. 
  So, how do you find 'em?  It's really VERY simple; open up a tab in your web browser and in the search window type 'Practice Scripts', you'll notice 29 million results that popped up.  However, 'practice script' is a pretty generic term, you'll want to simplify and narrow that down; if you type in 'Practice Scripts for Voice Overs' you'll get about 94,000 results.  Much more manageable and geared towards the voiceover community.  You'll find that the top 10, or so come from The Edge Studio and  Both are good and reputable places to get practice scripts.  If you're feeling really ambitious you could always write your own.

Good Luck.

by Rich Brennan