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A 5-Point Checklist For Choosing the Best Voice Over Production Company

Posted On: December 11, 2015

audio productionWhether you realize it or not, audio production has deep roots in American culture. From Franklin D. Roosevelt's fireside chats to the podcasts you listen to at the gym, chances are good that you'll hear a voiceover or audio production (in some form) every day.

Even in our digital times, radio is the second most far reaching medium in the country, reaching 59% of consumers on a daily basis and 90% of consumers weekly. All told, nearly 236 million Americans listen to the radio every week, to say nothing of new mediums like podcasts, online music streaming, audio books, and more.

So what should you look for from voice over services? How do you know you're working with only the best voice over production companies? When researching audio production studios for your next professional voice over project, here's what you need:

  1. Demos, Demos, Demos: The best professional voice over artists are proud of their work. If a diverse sampling of demos isn't prominently displayed on their website, that should be a major red flag.
  3. Fast Turnaround: Obviously long projects, like full-length audiobooks, take longer to record, edit and produce; but the best production companies can turn around your project quickly. For small projects, there's no reason you shouldn't have a demo or even a completed recording in a day, or two.
  5. Script Writing: Even the most well-written piece of copy writing will need to be modified for voice narration. That's because voice over projects are usually more conversational. The best audio production companies can provide copy writing and script consultation services to ensure your project is optimized for audio.
  7. Commercial Production: Not all voice over artists are capable of doing audio production themselves. Make sure you're working with a studio that can handle all your production needs, including complex multi-track projects with music and sound effects.
  9. Experience: Just like the best companies proudly display demos, the best companies proudly display their clients. Look for artists and studios that have experience recording audio for a wide array of sectors.

And finally, you should work with a company that's willing to work with you. That means they should know how to listen before they push that little red record button.

by Rich Brennan