Voiceovers and Allergies

Jun 30, 2015

Voiceovers and allergies; they don't play well, together, in the sandbox.  I love when the warm weather comes but I don't love knowing that allergies come with it.  I've been suffering from allergies since my late 20's (I didn't have any growing up); so I'm sure you know that they can be a real pain in the...ears, nose and throat.  Allergies have caused me to lose my voice, which led to an upper-respiratory infection, appointments to the doctor then filling prescriptions at the pharmacy and, of course, time off from work:  Not fun.  As a male voice talent I can't let that happen; no voice?  NO WORK!  No work?  NO MONEY!  It's that simple; a client ist't going to wait around til it clears up,either.

Allergies can be anything that your body is sensitive to; for me, the big one is ragweed.  Every year from mid-August thru mid-September I'd SUFFER terribly; sneezing fits (sometimes up to 10 in a row), not a runny nose- a flowing nose (I'm not kidding) and eventually- NO VOICE.

Remedies, be-it homemade or over-the-counter, helped but they weren't consistent from year to year. My doctor gave me an allergy test (a simple test that's done in the office) and it told me what elements I was sensitive to.  Aside from ragweed I have a few smaller allergies that I wasn't even aware of; so, to aid in these reactions I get 2 injections a month and they greatly reduce the severity of my allergies.  So now, when I'm ready to hit the RECORD button all I have to worry about is JustMyVoice.

by Rich Brennan