Getting Started in Voiceovers- Letterhead

Feb 20, 2014

  A letterhead is a word document that has your your logo, and contact info, at the top of the page (the header); some folks use the bottom of the page (the footer) for contact info.  It depends on your needs and likes. However, a word document SHOULD contain your logo AND contact info. Word documents are used for correspondences that you send to a perspective client; it can be for an introduction, a proposal, a rate sheet or a thank-you for being chosen to work on the previous job you voiced/produced.   Remember, it's all about familiarity- your logo and contact info on EVERYTHING.  It also shows that you've got your act together. 
  A note on 'rate-sheets': A rate-sheet is a breakdown of what you charge for a particular voice service: commercials, narrations, on-hold messages, production, the various markets...etc. The Edge Studio, (and a few others) carry a rate sheet that you can use as a guide for what you'd charge for a voice recording and/or an audio production.  If you're contacted about doing a project (let's say a 5:00 narration for a company's training program) you could reply to the email with a quote, along with a breakdown of how that quote was determined.  It would also be a good idea to attach a copy of your ratesheet as a reference; just make sure that your quote, coincides with your rate-sheet:  What good is having a rate-sheet, if you're not going to follow it?

by Rich Brennan