Happy Accidents

Nov 01, 2013

I was given a :30 radio promo for KWKM (Power 95.7 in Show Low, AZ) for one of their Halloween events.  Right off the bat I had an idea, in my head, as to what was going into the production; spooky sound effects/music etc.  After recording the voiceover I started inserting various production elements.  When I was finished it sounded ok, but …there seemed to be ‘something missing’; you know that feeling, right?  So I said to myself…”this could sound better”.  I went back and started playing with some other production elements and found some that made the promo sound much better, even some that enhanced what I already had in place; I even replaced the music lol.

In production, there are no mistakes; only Happy Accidents.. lol (Thanks to Bob Ross for that term).

It works like that for most of my productions; experimenting with various production elements can make a finished production sound so much better; and it makes the client very happy, too.  And that's what really matters.

by Rich Brennan